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Hi, Fred & Mo!

It's Kelly (Kelly 2) and I wanted you guys to know what an awesome weekend it was for us!!!! Bill and I are already talking about when we can get back down there. Can't wait! It would have been a great weekend meeting all the VROC group for the first time anyway, but your hospitality, your friendliness and your sincere concern for the comfort of all of the campers really made it something special. Like, it could have been just popcorn (which is nice), but you guys were the Nutter Butter Bits in the popcorn!! Now ya see what I mean?

We arrived home safely and only got slightly damp from a brief shower about 50 miles from home. Other than that, it was a gorgeous trip. The only thing that was bad about it, was that it marked the end of our time with you at your beautiful place. I will miss hearing the creek babbling as I fall to sleep tonight...and we just don't seem to have as many stars in our sky as you do...and there's not going to be anyone to make me coffee in the morning, I'll have to do it myself (pout, pout).

Hope all is well with you and yours. We'll be in touch, and we'll be back as soon as we can!

Take Care,

Fred & MO

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for the memories at Kickstand Lodge. I had a wonderful time at your camp site. It was truly the best camping I have done in a couple of years. How are the picnic tables holding up? Mo we should have drank more Bloody Marys, maybe we could have finished all of those cabins for Fred. Just remember you two are the best host anyone could ask for when camping. I would come back tomorrow if I could get out of work. I hope to see you in July, Scott and I are planning on coming back down if everything works out. Keep in touch!

Gotta go for now,
Your friend in Maryland

Hi Fred and Mo,

Thanks for the hospitality! I really enjoyed my stay at the Kickstand lodge and look forward to camping there again.

Keep up the good work.

PS I'm the one in forth place on the left and Richard the other racer that also camped at you place is in third place.

Dear Fred & Mo

We made it home, back in Michigan at 8:30 tonite left there 7:00am didn't see ya looking out the window. LOL We had a wonderful time at your place , and will be back again next year !

Take care
Your freinds
Joe , Bruce , Rick and Lowell

Fred and Mo,

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had this week with you guys. The company was great, the food wonderful and the weather sucked. The first two made up for the later.

See you guys next spring. Janet and I will send you updates from the boat from time to time.

Keep the shiny side up.

Hey there folks....

Hello from rainy Chicago

It sure was good to see the two of you again. Enjoyed every minute of it...especially the food and the campfires. Thanks again Mo for the use of the ice chest and the chair. You made my stay very enjoyable. Sorry I didn't get to say goodby on Monday morning but I didn't see anyone in the office that a.m. so I left....sans coffee.

Billy enjoyed his stay too. I hope to visit the two of you again next spring/summer/or fall.

The campground looked great...and I'm glad you still feel free to give us lots of latitude regarding setting up our tents, etc. Many improvement...and the showerhouse and the picnic covers are certainly a nice refinement. Keep a can of that powerful powder....its a nice touch. Maybe some after shave too. I bet nobody would take it.

Have a super fall...and a nice lazy winter.

I bet your party was a great success, wasn't it. Congratulations on a lot of good progress.

your friend,

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