This route takes you from the Kickstand Lodge down US 74 to Murphy. Coming out of Murphy, you ride the Joe Brown Hwy around the shoreline of the Hiwassee Lake to the Hiwassee Dam. Leaving the dam on the Hiwassee Dam access road, you pick up Hwy 294, which takes you to Hwy 60 spur. Following Hwy 60 spur gets you to Hwy 60 at Mineral Bluff, GA. You then take Hwy 60 to Hwy 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Road) just before Suches, GA. You depart Hwy 180 onto Hwy 348 and then Hwy 75-A up to Helen, GA. Just before Helen, you turn onto Hwy 197, which takes you to Hwy 76. Following Hwy 76, you arrive in Clayton, GA. Coming out of Clayton, you take the Warwoman Road over to Hwy 28, which then, takes you to Highlands, NC. Hwy 28 joins with Hwy 64 in Highlands and continues on to Franklin, NC. Staying on Hwy 28 out of Franklin returns you to the Kickstand Lodge.
Total length - 274 miles

Places of interest:
  • Hiwassee Dam
  • Two Wheels Only (TWO) campground (Just past the junction of Hwy 60 and Hwy 180)
  • Helen,GA (re-creation of an Alpine village)
  • Bull Sluice (this is a Class 5 whitewater rapid on the Chattooga River. It's an 8-mile excursion on Hwy 76 E. from Clayton. There's a great place to park and watch the whitewater folks battling the Class 5 rapid. It's definitely worth the 30 minutes or so time to get there, watch for a while, and get back to Clayton)
  • Highlands, NC (lots of shopping for the ladies)
  • Bridal Veil Falls (Hwy 28 between Highlands and Franklin)
Best twisties:
  • Hwy 28 - (The last 10 miles of Hwy 28 coming from Franklin to Hwy 19 is my all-time favorite road.)
  • Joe Brown Highway (a little rough in places, but fun)
  • Hwy 60 (from Mineral Bluff to Suches....outstanding sweepers and hairpins)
  • Hwy 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Road - This is the northern GA equivalent to Deal's Gap)
  • Hwy 197 (outstanding sweepers)
  • Warwoman Road (the last 3 miles before Hwy 28 are great)
  • Hwy 28 (From the junction with Warwoman Road to the junction with Hwy 19 has stretches that are outstanding. Once again, the last 10 miles of Hwy 28 coming from Franklin to Hwy 19 is my all-time favorite road.)
Gas Recommendations:
Gas is available pretty much everywhere except:
  • Joe Brown Hwy (it's best to top-off in Murphy)
  • Hwy 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Road) - There's a great place to get gas and hang out at the junction of Hwy 60 and Hwy 180.
Nothing in particular

Additional Recommendations:
  • Always bring raingear. The weather in this part of the country can go from "absolutely beautiful" to "monsoon" in a matter of minutes.

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