Kickstand Lodge Rates

Tenters First person $20.00
additional people $5.00 each
Add power for $5.00 per night
Fontana A $60.00
Fontana B $48.00
Bunk house $22.00 per person
Camping Cabin $45.00
RV (see definitions) $28.00

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Inside Bunkhouse
Inside Fontana A
Inside Fontana B

Fontana A has one single and two double beds.
Fontana B has one double bed.
The bunk house has six beds.
Please note: None of our cabins have bathrooms.
Our guests share the cleanest bath house in the business.

Rates include state and local taxes.
Rates are subject to change at any time.

Please note: There are no refunds for canceled reservations.

KSL Definitions:
RV... If you tow it behind a cage and sleep in it, it is an RV.
If it has air conditioning, it is an RV.
A piggy back on a pick up is an RV.
A conversion van is an RV.

Tent... If you pull a pop up behind a bike, it is a tent.
If you sleep under a tarp, it is a tent.
If you sleep under the stars, it is a tent.

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